Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What is a Trade Union under Trade Union Act, 1926

"Trade Union" means any combination
  1. whether temporary or permanent, 
  2. formed primarily for the purpose of regulating the relations 
    1. between workmen and employers or 
    2. between workmen and workmen, or 
    3. between employers and employers, or 
  3. for imposing restrictive conditions on the conduct of any trade or business, and includes any federation of two or more Trade Unions.

"Registered Trade Union" means a Trade Union registered under this Act.

Only the persons engaged in trade or business can form trade unions; Rangaswami v. Registrar of Trade Unions, AIR 1962 Mad 231. Primary purpose of a trade union is collective bargaining; Bank of India Employees' : Association V. Reserve Bank of India, (1983) 2 LLN 872 (Bom).

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